I’ve been playing with Visual Studio Code extensions recently and although the extension points are still quite few, I’ve managed to build farely simple, but useful extensions. The first one is Open Project. As the name implies the idea is to be able to easily open Visual Studio Code with a specific project.

First, you need to start with configuring your projects. It is basically a map name -> foder. The extension defines a vscode-open-project.projects setting you have to use to define your projects. Editing user settings is done from File | Preferences | User Settings.

Open Project Configuration

Once you have that you can execute the command Open Project from the command window (F1) which will open the Quick Pick window to choose the project.

Open Project Choose Project

When you select the project the extension will launch a new instance of Visual Studio Code with the respective folder.

I wanted to add a Change Project command that would change the project in the current instance, but unfortunately the API is not expored yet. Here is how Visual Studio Code does it - WindowsManager.open